Thursday, February 02, 2012

I found this classic 1960's era photograph from the Chicago Transit Authority at My Link page "Dave's Electric Railroads", located to the right of Your computer screen at

The Chicago Transit Authority was formed in 1945, but did not begin operations until October 1st, 1947, when the money was finally raised to purchase the predecessor companies of the Chicago Surface Lines (Streetcars and buses.), and the Chicago Rapid Transit Company.

The CTA operated these old 1920's era standard rapid transit cars from the Cincinnati Car Company inherited from the former Chicago Rapid Transit Company until 1973. Several have wound up in the collections of railroad and trolley museums in North America upon retirement. These cars could operate as a single double ended car if need be, and had flip over wicker seats.

Photographer Jerry Apleman, photographed this pair somewhere on the CTA Lake Street Elevated Line (Today's CTA green line.) way back in the year of 1964.

Eddie K.

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