Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I found this rare 1942 "Press" photograph of a Chicago Motor Coach Company enclosed double deck bus on the internet today.

The Chicago Motor Coach Copany, was a transit bus operator in the city of Chicago Illinois from the early 1920's, until it's eventual purchase by the Chicago Transit Authority in 1952. The CMC was famous for many years, as an operator of both open and closed upper deck double deck buses, as well as several standard single leval transit buses. Part of their popularity centers around the fact, that many of their routes traversed along scenic boulevards and parkways.

After the Chicago Transit Authority began operations on October 1st, 1947..one of their main goals was to officially phase out electric streecars and replace them with motor buses. With a fleet of approximately 600 buses available, some less than a year old, the Chicago Motor Coach Company was a prime target for merger in to the Chicago Transit Authority.

During the CTA's first 20 years in business, many transit buses were actually second hand former Chicago Motor Coach Company buses.

The bus shown here, I believe is a model from the Yellow Coach Company, wich was once a major U.S bus manufacturer.

The double deck buses were pretty much gone by the time of the CTA takeover.

Eddie K.

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