Monday, February 04, 2013

Burlington Northern commuter train approaching the La Grange Road commuter rail station. La Grange Illinois. February 1985.

La Grange Illinois has always been one of my favorite towns I enjoy visiting in the greater Chicagoland area.

Being a railfan myself, there was always a fun time to be had taking 35mm pictures lineside on the Burlington Northern Railroad's three track Chicago to Aurora "Racetrack" commuter mainline.

I took this photograph on a dry but overcast winter afternoon, way back in february of 1985. (Has it been that long ago already?)

A westbound Burlington Northern / early Metra local commuter train enroute to Aurora Illinois, is viewed arriving at the BN's La Grange Road Metra / Amtrak passenger station in downtown La Grange Illinois.

Those once everyday standard lineside telephone poles to the left of the train, have long since disappeared from this railroad mainline.

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