Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Fifth Avenue Cach Lines General Motors "Old Look / Pre 1959 40 foot transit bus. New York City circa late 1950's era.

From the mid 1940's until 1959, General Motors manufactured this popular and very stylish model of transit bus. These buses could be seen in most American and Canadian citties during post World War 2 years, and were eventually phased out upon the introduction of the modern and futuristic looking "New Look / Fishbowl Windshield" model GM transit buses beginning in 1959. From 1959 until approximately 1967, General Motors also manufactured a small 30 foot version of the pre 1959 "Old Look" body style of transit bus with twin sealed beam headlights. Many citties operated the old look pre 1959 GM's until the 1970's, and in some cases the early 1980's. Although most of these have long since been cut up for scrap after retirement, some have made it to preservation at transportation museums. Some have also become R V conversions, or even storage sheds.

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