Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dave Dudley. Six days on the road. ( 1970.)

This music video, is going out to any fan of American country music, who just happens to like truck driving songs.

For all the country music fans who enjoy Eddie's Railfan Page, here is a classic truck driving song, from country music singer Dave Dudley.

During the 1970's, it was country songs like this one, as well as" Convoy", "Eastbound and Down", "Give Me forty acres","Movin On" and "Freightliner Fever", that had me daydreaming in high school, about pursuing a future career driving the big rigs.

Although several years and several dead end jobs later, I actually did wind up in the driving
profession. First as a small delivery truck driver, and finally a Paratransit bus driver today.

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