Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fallen tree branches, twigs and debris. A roller blader's "ArchNemesis." West Park. Des Plaines Illinois. Tuesday, November 19th, 2013.

Hi everyone!
This is Eddie K, your host and photographer here at Eddie's Railfan Page.

Beginning in early August of this year, I purchased a pair of inline roller blade skates and safety gear, and rediscovered my love for roller skating after an absence of several years.

Although outdoor roller blade skating is quiete fun, there are always hazards to be mindful of. Although the asphalt exercise track at West Park in Des Plaines Illinois is normally well maintained, Mother Nature likes to throw us roller bladers an occasional "Curve Ball" or two.

Fallen tree branches, twigs, pebbles and debris, can trip you up, and make you take a nasty fall if you are not careful while skating.

Although I insist on wearing my safety gear, staying alert as to what may be lying underfoot on the skating / exercise path, is always a number one priority.

Safety and skating go together always.

Eddie k.

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