Thursday, November 14, 2013

Locust Heights and Western Railroad. Clarksburg West Virginia.

I spotted this video on You Tube.

One of the more unique steam powered tourist railroads in North America, is the little known narrow gauge Locust Heights and Western Railroad based in Clarksburg West Virginia.

What makes this railroad so unique, is their scratchbuilt replica of a Class A verticle boilered Cimax steam locomotive from late 1800's era design.

The Climax locomotive Company, manufactured geared industrial purpose built steam locomotives at their factory in Corry Pennsylvania from 1888 to 1928. Although a number of later model Climax locomotives have made it in to tourist railroad and museum preservation, none of the early Class A models were preserved, and are all lost to history.

The Locust Heights and Western's own scratchbuilt replica, also features Link and Pin coupling.
Although considered dangerous and outlawed on regular full sized railroads, link and pin or "Drawbar" coupling, somehow was continued in daily use on various industrial railroads.

The Class A Climax locomotives, featured a verticle boiler, and twin verticle cylinder "Marine" style steam engines like one would find on propeller driven steam boats of the day.

Eddie K.

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