Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A front end loader tractor equipped with an extra wide snowplow attatchment. Schaumburg Illinois. Wednsday, January 8th, 2013.

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Greetings from a very blustery and heavilly "snowed in" greater Chicagoland area.

Chicago has been going through a tough time weather wise known as the "Arctic Vortex". The people at WBBM 780 AM refered to our local weather condition as being in "Chi -Beria."

However you look at it, we have been pelted with persistent heavy lake effect snows and record setting (Sometimes breaking) below zero temperatures and extreme windchill factors. "Nasty"!

I took this photograph this morning at work.

I had just dropped off my last route passenger drop off , at the huge Ikea store in northwest suburban Schaumburg Illinois, and couldn't resist to stop and take a few photographs of this heavy duty parking lot snow fighting machine parked between plowing assignments, and basking in the frigid sunshine.

A very important and valuable weapon utilized in the war on large parking lot snow removal battles, are large front end loader tractors like this one. Believe me...that extra wide snowplow attatchment is absolutely needed here in the greater Chicagoland area this time of the year, and in other parts of the country where needed.

The snow banks in the background, gives one an idea of how much snow fell on the greater Chicagoland area at New Years, and the few days beyond .

This heavy duty plow operator might have earned some serious overtime pay no doubt.

Think warm thoughts for now.

Eddie K.

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