Thursday, January 09, 2014

Wintertime at West Park. Des Plaines Illinois. December 2013.

I took this photograph one day last month during my morning lunch break.

It was a very windy and extremely bitterly cold day at West Park located along the east side of Wolf Road, in northwest suburban Des Plaines Illinois.

After many fun outdoor roller blading sessions during the late summer and through the autum of 2013, West Park has temporarilly became a vacant and very uninhabitable environment resembling an "Arctic Desert".

With plenty of ice and snow on what was my roller blading exercise track, it is now officially the "Off Season" for outdoor roller skating and other mild weather activities.

If we are somehow lucky enough to experience some kind of a "Thaw" in the greater Chicagoland area hopefully soon, I will return to West Park upon the melting of all that recent heavy lake effect snow and dangerous icey pavemet hazard.

Eddie K.

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