Thursday, January 30, 2014

Preserved late 1960's era Chicago Transit Authority "New look" Flxible fishbowl windshield bus.

I found this photograph at my Link page Northern California Bus Fans, located to the right of your computer screen at (This is an incredible photo page. A must see.)
I grew up in Chicago Illinois during the 1960's and 70's era, and I fondly remember riding the Chicago Transit Authorority's 1960's era Flxible fishbowl windshield transit buses.
These buses were first ordered and delivered to the CTA in 1961, with a few other orders that had spanned the decade that were soon  to follow.
The CTA operated these until eventual retirement in 1986. A few were privately saved, with one on display at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois.
The example shown here photographed in 1991, is owned by the Chicago Transit Authority, and is part of their collection of preserved historic transit buses. Bus # 3702 shown here, was part of a 1968 order for "narrow" Flxibles, that could operate on Lake Street under the CTA's Lake Street Elevated rapid transit line.
Eddie K.

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