Friday, January 17, 2014

Grand Trunk Western locomotives idling at the former Elsdon Yard site. Chicago Illinois USA. December 1983.

I took this photograph one afternoon while walking along West 51st Street in Chicago's Elsdon neighborhood on the southwest side of the city.

The Grand Trunk Western Railroad, had just recently closed their Elsdon Yard facility shown here back in October of 1983, however...this little section next to their single story yard office building, would remain in operation as a locomotive and crew change terminal, until September of 1986.

True, Elsdon Yard was now only a shadow of it's recent former self, but it was interesting to occasionally see these idling diesel locomotives being fueled on site by a tractor trailer tank semi tank truck. Unfortunately...this happened when I wasn't carrying my 35 mm camera with me.

These locomotives are parked on a curve immediately north of adjacent West 51st Street, just a block and 1/2 east of South Lawndale Avenue.

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