Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Chicago Transit Authority bus terminal loop on West 111th Street and South Springfield Avenue in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood. Chicago Illinois. November 1989.

I took this photograph way back in November of 1989.

We are at the Chicago Transit Authority's bus terminal loop located on West 111th Street and South Springfield Avenue, in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood on the southwest side of the city.

A recently rebuilt and rehabbed 1970's era General Motors TDH Series fishbowl windshield bus, is viewed sharing the terminal with a much newer CTA 1985 40 foot M.A.N transit bus from the European nation formerly known as West Germany.

The row of bare trees to the right along with the tall grass, mark what was originally the "Last" farm within Chicago city limits. Today that property is part of the Chicago School For Agricultural Science.

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