Tuesday, January 14, 2014

West 55th Street Sports Bar located on the southwest corner of West55th Street and South Keeler Avenue. Chicago Illinois. Early March 1989.

Hi everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page, from the city of Chicago Illinois USA.

Beside my obvious interests in trains and transportation subjects, one of my personal all time favorite photography subjects, are neighborhood images.

Nothing says southwest side Chicago...quiete like neighborhood street corner taverns. They could be anything from a local run down "Dive", a Sports Bar, a Dance Club, or just a place to relax, shoot pool, play the juke box, or socialize with the local neighborhood regulars.

One of those local neighborhood establishments during the late 1980's, was a place located at the southwest corner of West 55th Street and South Keeler Avenue in Chicago's Westlawn neighborhood, known as "West 55th Street, A Chicago Bar."

During Chicago's long winter season, neighborhood taverns like this are a social outlet and escape for many hardworking local Chicagoans.

"I'll drink to that"!

Eddie K.

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