Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Seaboard Air Line Railroad postcard promoting passenger train travel to Florida.

Seasonal travel promotions to visit warm sunny climate destinations like the state of Florida in the wintertime, are nothing new.

In the days before and just after commercial airline travel, the Seaboard Air Line Railroad and other southeastern United States railroads operating their own passenger trains, promoted such a thing for many years. This was especially true during the era of streamlined diesel powered passenger trains.

This picture postcard from the former Seaboard Air Line Railroad, shows a then modern 1940's era streamliner, passing through Florida, which today is still refered to as "The Sunshine State."

It must have been wonderful for those who could afford to travel by train to Florida, escaping the snow, ice and bitter windchill factors of places like New York City, Chicago, and parts of the Midwest, to bask in the sunshine, swim in the ocean and eat fresh oranges from the groves of Florida back in the day.

You were even luckier if you could actually take time off from your place of employment to do so back in those days.

Ahhh yes. Sigh. Winter daydreams of Florida.

Eddie K.

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