Monday, February 03, 2014

The 1950's era Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad's "Blackbird" color scheme. Naperville Illinois. March 1st, 1966. Chuck Zieler photograph.

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I grew up in the city of Chicago Illinois during the 1960's and 70's era. One of my all time favorite color schemes I remember rolling around just immediately north of my old neighborhood on the near southwest side of Chicago, was the former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad's own unique and very stylish 1950's era "Blackbird" color scheme.
This color scheme used on the Burlington's various diesel yard switchers and early hood unit roadswitchers like EMD GP 7 # 209 shown here at Naperville Illinois in 1966, unfortunately was expensive and difficult to maintain. This color scheme was eventually replaced by a bright red and gray color scheme in 1959, however...several locomotives rolled around in the black and gray color scheme, until the Burlington Northern merger on March 2nd, 1970 and just beyond that for a few more years until repainting or retiring took place.

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Anthony C said...

Classic look for a Geep. Perhaps the only thing missing is the dynamic brake blister, but even without it's a great look.

I really like the high-hood SD's, too.