Monday, March 20, 2006

Northbound Burlington Northern train at Brighton Interlocking. January 1989.

We are looking North on a cold but sunny Saturday afternoon in January of 1989. A northbound Burlingtom Northern freight train has just gotten clearance from the Dispatcher, and is now crossing over the Illinois Central Railroads mainline. The location here is called Brighton Interlocking -or Brighton Junction by some of the local Chicago Railfan Community. Brighton Junction was unique, as they were still using Antique "Steam Era" maual Semaphore Signals well into the age of Satalite Communications.
Brighton Interlocking is located at Archer and Western Avenues on Chicago's southwest side. This is an Isolated Location on an embankment.


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tlee169 said...

This used to be run by the Pennsylvania RR and I can remember stopping at a shanty to call ahead with AT&SF to PRR trains. The worst rail I had ever seen, the rails would pop up section by section ahead of the engine as they were loose from the ties and plates along here south to 59th Street.