Monday, March 18, 2013

Scratchbuilt H.O Scale Chicago Transit Authority 1950's era 6000 Series lightweight rapid transit cars. Jack Magardician photograph.

This photograph was sent to me from a man known as Jack Magardician.

Jack was a man I had the pleasure of meeting at Chicagoland Hobby, while I was shopping there one evening after work. My encounter with him, was one of those "Rare" brushes with "Fame", when somebody actually recognizes me from hosting "Eddie's Railfan Page". Jack had approached me and said.."Excuse Me, but are you Eddie K from Eddie's Railfan Page?" I delightedly answered "Yes I am"

Jack had just recently completed this lovely H.O Scale scratchbuilt model, of a 1950's era Chicago Transit Authority 6000 Series single unit / Married pair lightweight rapid transit car.
The prototype and the almost identical 550 Series single unit cars, were manufactured by the St. Louis Car Company, using components from recently retired and scrapped CTA PCC streamlined streetcars through out the 1950's.

These cars helped to re equip and upgrade the existing rapid transit system in Chicago at a cost savings.

Jacks models are how the 6000 series cars were delivered with low headlights, upper destination signs, and the original Mercury green, Corydon cream with a Swamp Holly orange belt rail.

Nice models!

Thank you Jack.

Eddie K.

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