Monday, November 04, 2013

S C R T D 1950's era General Motors transit bus. Los Angeles California area circa 1978.

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During late July or possibly early August of 1978, I went on a vacation to Los Angeles California and Honolulu Hawaii with my mother and my now deceased and greatly missed Aunt Rosemary.
It was a pleasant surprise for me to see several 1950's era General Motors transit buses that were still being used in daily city transit operations, for the S C R T D, which I believe may have translated to the Southern California Regional Transit District.
I was born in Chicago during the year of 1962, and remember having ridden aboard the Chicago Transit Authority's late 1940's and early 1950's era GM old look buses, that were acquired from the Chicago Motor Coach Company in 1952. The CTA's GM old look buses, were retired from passenger operations during the early 1970's, and I never thought that I would ever see one in service again.
Photographer Jim Hussing captured this image during the spring of 1978.
Although I wasn't the one in charge of the picture taking on this vacation, and I unfortunately did not get any photos of these classic American 1950's era transit relics...It was still great to see and hear these vintage buses operating on Los Angeles city streets during my vacation.
Eddie K.

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