Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A northbound Norfolk Southern Railroad freight train passing through the Morton Grove Metra commuter rail station. Morton Grove Illinois. Thursday, December 12th, 2013.

I took this photograph last week during my lunch break.

I spotted this all too "Rare" freight train passing through north suburban Morton Grove Illinois, over the Metra / Milwaukee District North Line, which is owned and operated by the Canadian Pacific Railroad after the merger and acquisition of the former Soo Line in 1990, which had acquired the former Milwaukee Road previously in 1985 .

South of the interchange junction with the Union Pacific's former Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad ex freight only cut off line at Northbrook Illinois, freight trains are almost non existant through Morton Grove, as most of the train traffic through here is either Amtrak or Metra at any given time.

This northbound Norfolk Southern freight train with a Canadian Pacific diesel locomotive tossed in up front for more than likely a "Pool" business agreement, is viewed slowly passing through the Morton Grove Metra commuter rail station in bright frigid winter sunshine conditions.

The outside temperature was a very bitter and blustery cold 19 degrees above zero Farenheight, with a sharp wind blowing out of the west, and a windchill advisory being broadcast during the weather segments of the local Chicago area radio and television news programs.

My hands and face were "Stinging" me, and thus I kept this down to a short visit.

Eddie K.

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