Friday, December 13, 2013

Chicago & West Towns Railway car # 128 at the east terminal on West Cermak Road and South Kenton Avenue. Cicero Illinois circa 1940's.

I found this 1940's vintage photograph that was taken in west suburban Cicero Illinois
on the internet this morning.

Prior to the rapid conversion of electric streetcar routes to motor bus operation by the late 1940's, many Chicagoans and fellow suburbanites commuted to and from Chicago and the adjoining western suburbs via electric streetcars.

One of the transit company predecessors of today's Pace bus company in the greater Chicagoland area, was the former Chicago & West Towns Railway.

Chicago & West Towns car # 128, is viewed at the east terminal of their La Grange electric streetcar line, at the intersection of West Cermak Road and South Kenton Avenue in Cicero Illinois, near the Chicago city limits. The car's motorman, is changing the trolley poles in preparation for car # 128's next westbound journey to La Grange Illinois.

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