Thursday, January 02, 2014

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad EMD FT cab unit diesels on a 1950's era freight train.

This is one of many photographs I had taken over the past few years, at the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers,H.O Scale Model Railroad Club.

One of my all time favorite Chicago railroads I had grown up with many years ago, was the former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad.

I had relatives that lived near the C,B & Q mainline near West 22nd Street a few blocks west of South Kedzie Avenue at the northern edge of my old neighborhood I grew up in, plus I had spent a considerable amount of time passing by the former C,B & Q Clyde Yard in Cicero Illinois in the back seat of my our family car, during the early 1970's after the merger that created the Burlington Northern Railroad in 1970.

I fondly remember the Burlington's red and gray 1960's freight locomotive color scheme, the 1950's black and gray color scheme, and the silver and stainless steel passenger diesel locomotive color scheme, but unfortunately...I don't ever recall seeing these EMD freight service cab unit diesel locomotives in the attractive light gray and red striped color scheme like the model shown here back in the day.

Word has it, that they were all off the Burlington's locomotive roster before 1970.

The former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad is still one of my favorites today in this modern BNSF Railway world.

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