Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chicago's Washburne Trade School coming down! Chicago Illinois USA. December 2007.

Yes it's true everyone. After many years of being abandoned and forelorn, Washburne Trade School located at 3100 South Kedzie Avenue on Chicago's near southwest side, is finally being demolished. I took this view looking northwest on South Kedzie Avenue at the east side of the building. This is the building that hosted the Amusement Machine Repair Class, and the Body and Fender repair class. The brown building in the background is where the schools Cafeteria was located on the 2nd floor, as well as the Electrical engineering , Vending Machine Repair, the Chefs Program, and the Capentry shop.
The school closed in the late 1980's after several sonsored trade programs decided to vacate the premises. The site is rumored to be redeveloped into a large city park as of this posting. Originally the Liquid Carbonic Company plant, and later Washburne Trade School, this industrial landmark from Chicago's Little Village neighborhood will soon be gone for good.


Noah said...

They taught carnival ride repair at Washburne? Huh...

Did you go to school there yourself? I ask because it sounds like you know the place pretty well. I've been photographing the school for a while now, and more recently have been documenting the demolition work. I have become quite attached to the Washburne buildings, in spite of their dilapidated condition.

Eddie said...

Hi Noah!
Yes, I did attend Washburne Trade School after I had graduated from Curie High School in 1981. I attended from September of 1981 to Febuary of 1984. ( Waste of money-and NO Jobs available!)

Amusement Machine Repair isn't Carnival Rides, but rather Pinball, Video Arcade Games , and Jukeboxes. My Amusement teacher was a Negative Condescending Jerk!
The Vending teachers and My welding instructor were cool people though.

I didn't land any professions at Washburne, but I eventually became an Outside Sales Rep.

Still, It was an experience.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

Anonymous said...

I had a few friends from both Curie and Kelly High School take up classes there in the 80's.