Friday, December 07, 2007

There is nothing like Hot beverages on a cold Chicago winter afternoon! Brighton Junction. Chicago Illinois USA. January 1988.

The crew of this Conrail light engine movement, were stuck waiting on a hold order at Chicago's Brighton Junction near South Archer and Western Avenues. It was a cold and windy January day in 1988, and the crew was lucky to have a local Burger King fast food restaurant at the bottom of the embankment with a parking lot driveway that connected to the railroad service road.

As I recall, after recieving word via the dispatcher that they were going to be stuck there for a lenghty period, two of the crew members climbed off of the lead diesel locomotive, and walked down to the Burger King for some Whoppers, Fries, and some very welcomed cups of Hot Coffee.

One of the crew members even smiled and mugged for a photo with his hot cup of coffee in his hand for Me. This is one of those many behind the scenes views, of the human side of railroading.

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Anonymous said...

I bet that all the railroad crews know about that Burger King when they are working in this area.