Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wintertime at the Fox River Trolley Museum. South Elgin Illinois USA. December 2007.

I took this winter scene photograph at the Fox River Trolley Museum located in South Elgin Illinois. Although the museum is closed for the season, I was able to take these lovely winter scenes from outside of the museum perimeter in a Safe and Responsible manner. Seen here looking west from the shop area, are two rolling veterans who were no stranger to Chicago's Elevated Rapid Transit Lines. The silver and red car in the foreground, is a 1920's era interurban coach from the famous electric railroad known as The Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad. This line travelled at high speed between Chicago Illinois and Milwaukee Wisconsin, utilizing the CTA Elevated line into downtown Chicago. This car was rebuilt and modernized in 1950, into the Silverliner color scheme shown here. These cars were thought to have fluted streamlined siding panels below the windows, but it was actually painted on for low cost Illusion. The car in the background, is a 1945 built 3 unit Articulated Rapid Transit train originally built for the Chicago Rapid Transit Company. After the November 1947 merger that created todays CTA System, these cars were repainted and operated in CTA Service untill 1986. Their most famous regular assignment was in Skokie Swift Service, now known today as the CTA Yellow Line.

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