Friday, December 28, 2007

Former Baltimore & Ohio Railroad wooden caboose on display. Indianapolis Indiana USA. November 2002.

I took this photo while on a business trip with a former traveling Merchandising / Marketing job I used to work for. My Company had sent Myself and a group of Merchandising Reps from Chicago, to service and set up several Kroger's Stores in Indianapolis Indiana back in November of 2002.

I was traveling with a fellow Company associate to a Kroger store in the outlying Indianapolis area, when We had spotted this old wooden caboose from the B & O on display in a little farm town enroute to our afternoon store site.

I do not know as to what town this was photographed in. It looks like it could have been the site of a New and quiete small railroad themed museum with a static display or two. If anybody that is familiar with the Indianapolis area has any information on this display caboose, I would love to hear from You.

Thank You.
Eddie K.

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