Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wintertime at the Fox River Trolley Museum. South Elgin Illinois USA. December 2007.

I was passing through the town of South Elgin Illinois one afternoon in December of 2007, and just couldn't resist the opportunity to get a rare off season photograph of the Fox river Trolley Museum, located on U.S Route # 31. The museum is closed for the season, and trespassing is discouraged. Sitting outside in the museum yard and boarding station platform area, are several pieces of former Chicago Transit Authority rapid transit equipment, a Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad interurban coach, and an elderly 1st generation Whitcomb diesel switcher from the Warren and Saline River Railroad from the State of Arkansas. This made for a lovely Christmas card image. I had to be carefull where I walked, as trespassing is discouraged, and the freezing rain Chicagoland experienced over the weekend gave the snow an Icey and very slippery sheen. treacherous footing was involved, but responsible railfan photography was achieved. The Museum will be opening around May 11th 2008.

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