Monday, June 06, 2011

I found this historic photo from the long gone Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee Railroad at My Link page "Dave's Electric Railroads", located to the right of Your computer screen.

This photo is very special to Me, as I practically pass by this location at work almost daily in north suburban Skokie Illinois.

This photo was proboubly taken at some time during the late 1950's. We are facing west from the railroad crossing at East Prairie Road. The two car Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee electric interurban train, is viewed making the station stop at Crawford Avenue, on the North Shore Line's own high speed Skokie Valley Mainline.
It was at this point where all west or "Northbound" trains, would make the transition from third rail to overhead trolley catenary wire.

After the Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee went out of business for good due to many bankruptcies in January of 1963, the 5 mile segment from the Howard Street station in downtown Evanston Illinois, to the Dempster Street station in Skokie Illinois, was purchased by the Chicago Transit Authority, rebuilt, and opened on April 30th 1964, as the CTA Skokie Swift line.

In the year of 1993, the CTA began to color code their rapid transit routes, and this line would become the CTA yellow line.

The station at Crawford Avenue in Skokie is long gone, but those high tension overhead power line towers are still there today.

I work as a Paratransit Driver ( Handicapped bus operator.) in Chicago's northern Cook County suburbs, and I often see a remnant or two of the old Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee Railroad today.

Eddie K.

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