Wednesday, June 08, 2011

An important topic from Eddie needs Your input.

Hello everyone!
This is Eddie K, Your host and photographer here at Eddie's Railfan Page.

In case You were not aware of it, Eddie's Railfan Page is a "Free / Non Profit blogsite aimed at My fellow railfans and transportation enthusiasts, or anybody who just happens to like My site for some reason or another.

I do not make any money what so ever on My own photos, or the photos I occasionally use from My Link Pages for historic reference.

Today, I recieved a coment on a post I had did on Thursday, May 12th, 2011 from a concerned and very anonymous railfan, who addressed Me as "Dude"

I had used a photo from My Link page Fallen Flags.Org, of a Penn Central EMD E 7 locomotive that was taken during the 1970's.

I was accused of "Steeling It" from the photographer, and was told to either remove it, or give the photographer's name as a credit to avoid being sued. Out of respect, I did add the photographers name to the posting.

Originally,I did give credit to Fallen Flag.Org for the photo, and didn't think I had done anything wrong at all.

When I post those occasional Link site photos, I do it strictly as a reference material to help My fellow railfans and historians, and to hopefully bring back a happy memory or two.

I realize that some of the photos are copywrited, and I have the deepest respect for the people who had taken them.

Am I doing anything really wrong?

Please drop Me a line here at Eddie's Railfan Page htp://
As I would really like to hear Your view on this matter.

Should I stop using My Link page photos?

Eddie K.


Anonymous said...

I follow your site all the time. I'm a former Chicagoan and your site is just great. I have no problems with what you post.

PS. Is there a way to contact you direclty?

Eddie K. said...


Thank You for the nice compliment about how You enjoy My blogsite.

Just out of curiosity...What is Your name? Also, what city and state are You E mailing Me from?

I will get back to You.

Eddie K.

Anonymous said...

This is winslow. I'm in arizona. grew up in SW suburban Chicago. You do have a very interesting site. reminds me of my youth

Eddie K. said...

Hi Winslow.

Sorry I did not get to You right away, as I had a very busy weekend.

You can E Mail Me ( Eddie K ) at

Eddie K.