Thursday, June 09, 2011

Kiddieland Amusement Park. ( Gone.) Melrose Park Illinois USA. July 2006.

I took this photo with an inexpensive disposable camera from a nearby Walgreens Drug Store, back in July of 2006.

I stopped by the old Kiddieland Amusement Park in Melrose Park Illinois after work on this occasion. I was between pay checks, and could not afford to go inside the park. The admission prices were high in the park's last years of operation unfortunately.

I was railfanning the Kiddieland's own Miniature Railroad, as it cut through the east parking lot alongside First Avenue.

Normally, the 1950's era gasoline powered Kiddieland Limited replica streamliner passenger train, operated with a two unit gasoline pwered A and B EMD model F 3 miniature locomotive set.

The "B' unit must have been down for repairs or maintenance, as the Kiddieland Limited is just operating with one locomotive. The "A' unit on this particular visit.

Kiddieland closed for good on Sunday, September 27th 2009 after 81 years in operation. Today, the former Kiddieland Amusement Park site, today is the site of a large Costco wholesale warehouse club store

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