Sunday, March 03, 2013

Argo Bowl. (Gone) Summit Illinois. April 2000.

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Just recently, I began to scan several of my older Chicago area photographs that I had taken during the 1980's, as well as a number of photographs that I had posted during the early days of Eddie's Railfan Page prior to 2008, when I began saving some of them on My Flickr photo page.

A popular if not somewhat run down local entertainment establishment in southwest suburban Summit Illinois, was the Argo Bowl bowling alley and lounge on South Harlem Avenue at West 59th Street.

The times were changing not for the better at Argo Bowl by the late 1990's, as this aging building began to see fewer maintenance details performed. This place was starting to show signs of neglect and much defered maintenance. The bowling alley's lounge was turning in to a "Dive" bar, as rude people were now patronizing the Friday night Karaoke show, and heckling the participants. Some of the patrons seemed like they were itching for a fist fight. Not cool.

Argo Bowl was eventually sold, and was demolished in 2000. I took this photograph during April of 2000, shortly after the place had closed for good. This photograph was taken during the early stages of the demolition.

Today, this is the site of a large Thornton's convenience gasoline station.

Eddie K.

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Anonymous said...

I went to Walsh school by archer road & 57 st and as a kid in elementary school, our field trips were fun and awesome. I was really sadden by this.