Friday, November 08, 2013

Jim Backus and friend. "Delicious." A novelty record released in 1959.

I first heard this goofy adult oriented joke novelty record from 1959, on the
Doctor De Mento Show. This program aired on Sunday nights for many years on W.L.U.P FM 98
in Chicago Illinois, until the host Dr  Demento decided to retire a few years ago.

Here is character actor Jim Backus who was the voice of the cartoon character Mr Magoo,
and also played Mister Howell on the television show Gilligan's Island, doing a somewhat
suggestive adult comedy sketch, about a couple on a date, getting drunk and loud drinking
champaign in a fancy cocktail lounge.

This was one of those "Laughing" records, that would sometimes make the people listening
to them laugh along as well. Sometimes uncontrollable. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Eddie K.

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