Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Ice Land ice skating rink on Ballard Road. Niles Illinois. November 2013.

Although I enjoy an occasional session of outdoor roller blade skating during my morning lunch break, the weather here in the greater Chicagoland area hasn't been on the same page with me lately during the past few weeks.

It has been cold and wet, plus I was kept out late a few times resulting in a shorter lunch break with no time for myself other than for eating.

Although I have never learned to ice skate, there are a few of these rinks in my work area. I am seriously thinking about giving this a try sometime in the near future.

I am a little nervous thinking about it, but I have safety gear, and people who have seen me roller blade think that I should be able to handle this well.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Eddie K.

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