Thursday, January 02, 2014

Remembering the former Milwaukee Road. Bensenville Illinois. December 1983. Keith Rottman photograph.

One of many railroads that had served the city of Chicago Illinois and parts of the Midwest prior to 1985, was the former Chicago, Minneapolis, Saint Paul & Pacific Railroad, which was known by many fellow railfans and historians as "The Milwaukee Road." (Much simpler to remember.)
With their distinctive orange and black color scheme, this railroad was a favorite amongst many local Chicago area railfans like myself and many others across the nation.
I found this color photograph at my link page Fallen Flags .Org, which is located to the right of your computer screen at
Railfan photographer Keith Rottman, photographed this Milwaukee Road locomotive, at the Bennsenville Yard locomotive terminal near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport in December of 1983. after several years and a number of bankruptcies, the Milwaukee Road was acquired by the Soo Line railroad in 1985. The Soo Line itself was acquired through merger by the Canadian Pacific in 1990.

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