Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chicago Gravel Company 0-6-0 Number # 18. Bensenville Illinois USA. Febuary 2007.

This old relic from the steam era is on display on Main Street just east of Church Road in NW Suburban Bensenville Illinois. This locomotive was built by the American Locomotive Company in April of 1922, and was originally the plant switcher for the Studebaker Automobile Company, wich was located in South Bend Indiana USA. When the Management at the Studebaker plant no longer needed it, they sold it to the Chicago Gravel Company for use at their quarry in South Elgin Illinois. After the quarry retired it, they cosmetically restored it, and donated the locomotive to the village of Bensenville Illinois in 1961. This display also features a Milwaukee road Hiawatha passenger car and a steel bay window caboose as well.

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