Monday, February 19, 2007

Kenosha Transit 1975 GMC bus on chartered fantrip. Kenosha Wisconsin USA. April 2000.

Good morning everyone!
Welcome aboard "Eddie's Railfan Page". Today is "Bus Day" here at My transportation blog site. Here I am in April of 2000, in Kenosha Wisconsin USA. This was a chartered fantrip hosted by the Omnibus Society of America. Our bus for the charter was a 1975 GMC transit coach used by Kenosha Transit. These buses were rolling out their last years in service at the time, and the Socity decided to Charter one on this lovely but chilly spring day in 2000. My hairstyle and outfit I'm wearing almost looks like something from 1975.
Believe Me...It was unintentional, but still adds a period look.

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