Monday, February 05, 2007

My old haunts. It's great to be back again after many years!

Hello everybody!
Welcome aboard "Eddie's Railfan Page". Here I am on location in an area that I consider-"The birthplace of My railfanning"! I am just west of 49th Street and south Lawndale Avenue near My old Alma Matter -Curie High School. What am I doing here in 18 Degree temperatures with a bitter January windchill anyway? Answer - I am smiling! This is the area where My "Actual" railfan experience began during the late 1970's. This area was very countrylike back then, and was a nice "Escape" for Me. I took many long walks back here along this railroad right of way. My early railfanning was pretty much trackside without a camera. In 1979, I had a "Photo Lab" class and took a handful of somewhat poor quality Black and White photographs here. The trains were unpredictable and hard to photograph, as they mostly passed through here during one of My other classtimes. I became a Railfan Photographer in March of 1983, when I had bough My first 35 MM camera. I would occasionally visit this area after I had graduated from Curie High School, and had taken some Post high school railfan photographs.
Although this area has changed greatly in recent years, this is where it all started for Me.

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