Monday, February 26, 2007

A favorite local Chicagoland landmark. Palumbo Brothers Inc. Hillside Illinois USA. December 2006.

This unique display of antique vehicles, is located just north of the intersection of Roosevelt and Manheim Roads, in the village of Hillside Illinois.
Seen here looking west on north Manheim Road U.S Route 12-45, is a 1920's vintage Mack dump truck, and an old mining shovel used in quarry operations. The Mack truck is actually chain driven. It was nice that this equipment was preserved and not cut up for scrap metal.


tlee169 said...

Mack used chain drive until 1938 when they finally switched to drive shafts. "The Earth Moves With Palumbo"

Eddie said...

This is an important historical fact that I wasn't even aware of.
Thank You tlee for that tidbit.
Some of the smartest people can be found here at Eddie's Railfan Page.

We could all learn from this.
please keep it coming.

Thank You.