Friday, February 02, 2007

Secondhand Seatle Washington USA bus working for the CTA. Bridgeview Illinois USA. October 2002.

Seen here heading west on 79th Street in SW suburban Bridgeview Illinois, is a used M.A.N articulated transit bus from Seatle Washington.
During this period of time, the CTA was having
a shortage of reliable buses, and a new order was in the planning stages. During this time, Chicago's CTA bought 20 used M.A.N articulated transit buses from the city of Seatle Washington to temporarily fill the shortage problem. The bus seen here is still in the Seatle METRO color sheme. Within the next year or so, new buses
would be arriving and filling the void on the Chicago Transit Authority's operating roster.

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Anonymous said...

CTA actually bought 114 M.A.N. artics from Seattle. Not 20.