Monday, February 05, 2007

CTA Orange Line train passing Curie High School. Late January 2007.

I took this photo on Chicago's SW side in late January of 2007. I had seen this view almost everyday from 1977 to 1981, minus the CTA elevated embankment. This is Curie High School located at the southeast intersection of Archer Avenue and Pulaski Road. During My high school days, and for a number of years after...I used to spend quality time walking the Belt Railway of Chicago track seen here behind the school. This was a large open field with this set of tracks on the south, and the Indiana Harbor Belt ones adjacent to My high school. This area was very "Countrylike", and was a great place to witness Seasonal Changes to the landscape. I can remember walking along here during the Chicago winter of 1979 past the tall snowdrifts along the right of way. Some were "Waist High" and others were actually "Head high" or taller. I always enjoyed getting to school "Too early", so that I could enjoy a nice morning walk here.
An all time favorite was walking along here during the Autum mornings when there was thick fog conditions and low visibility. It was a piece of Country within the city of Chicago back then.

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