Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eastbound Burlington Northern RR freight train. West Hindsdale Illinois USA. Late October 1989.

A short Burlington Northern freight train is seen passing through the village of West Hindsdale Illinois USA , on a lovely Autum Sunday afternoon in the year of 1989. The train is being pulled by an elderly 1st Generation EMD GP-7 diesel locomotive. The long tubes on the top of the locomotives hood carbody, are air tank reservoirs. Locomotives with this option were dual service, and used on secondary passenger trains. The inside space normally used for this was taken up with a large water tank and boiler, for steam heating and power generation on passenger trains. Therefore, the air tanks were moved up to the roof. The former Chicago,Burlington & Quincy Railroad, a pre 1970 BN predecessor Railroad used these dual service early EMD's on freight and passenger trains. This may be a former unit inherited from the C,B & Q.

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