Monday, February 12, 2007

Looking back at January of 2007. A very active month for digital railfan photography.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Todays edition
is dedicated to Chicago Winter Railroading, as it was in January of 2007. I had actually taken more winter railfan photos on location than I was actually aware of! Of all the scenes I had photographed back in January of 2007...
This one is My personal "Favorite" of all.
This is a "Rare" photograph of a very elusive and somewhat unknown industrial railroad. I took
this photo at the Belt Railway of Chicago's "Hawthorne Junction" at the Chicago city limits with nearby Cicero Illinois. The three car transfer was just picked up by the Manufacturers Junction RR interchange local, from the Canadian National RR Hawthorne Yard in Cicero IL.
Although I had to stand out in frigid sunshine with a very facially stinging windchill factor out of the west, this turned out to be one of My "Best" photographs ever. It was worth freezing for!

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tlee169 said...

Here's a blast from the past! The Western Electric Hawthorne Works filled the land from 22nd to 26th and they had their own railroad, the MJ. I had to look this up but I did remember the name, It was owned by AT&T since 1903.