Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Westbound Burlington Northern RR commuter train. La Grange Illinois USA. Febuary 1986.

Seen here on the bridge that crosses over the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad line, is a westbound Burlington Northern RR commuter train approaching suburban La Grange Illinois. Notice the commuter cars did not have Metra placards yet on the lower left side of the cars.
These elderly EMD E-9 Passenger diesels were used exclusively on the Burlington Northern commuter line to Aurora Illinois, until their retirement in September of 1992. It was a partly sunny day with a high in the low 30's, and it
actualy felt pretty mild outside with little or no breeze to be had. It was a nice day to go outside.


James in Florida said...

This bridge was the scene of a collision between a BN Freight Train and a Amtrak Passenger Train. Which was in August of 1977. A derailment which destroyed the original bridge over the IHB, and falling right onto the IHB Tracks. Causing both railroads to shutdown operations. This bridge was built right after the derailment.

I have seen photos of this accident on another site, posted by another Chicago Rail Fan enthusiast.

Also the street that goes under the bridge is now controlled by a traffic light. As it use to be a STOP sign, that you see at the bottom. My parents would have to honk the car horn. To warn someone that you were coming. As the road is very narrow.

Eddie said...

Hi James!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page. I used to spend a lot of time in this area during the mid 1980's. I never knew that about the train wreck that happened here in 1977, and I appreciate any good input I recieve at My blog site.
I never lived in La Grange, but I spent a lot of time hanging out -shopping -railfanning -and entertaining in a couple of coffee houses in downtown La Grange IL.

Thank You.