Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The CTA Kedzie Avenue bus loop at West 63rd Place. Chicago Illinois USA. December 1985.

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I took this photo way back in December of 1985 in Chicago's Marquette Park neighborhood. This is the south terminal for the Chicago Transit Authority Route # 52 Kedzie / California Avenue bus line, located on South Kedzie Avenue at West 63rd Place.

The bus on the left is a 1985 M.A.N transit coach from West Germany, and is working the northbound run to California and Roscoe Avenues on Chicago's northside. The bus on the right, is a 1983 Canadian Flyer transit coach assigned to the south Kedzie Avenue run, that terminates at 115th Street and South Keeler Avenue in the south suburban village of Alsip Illinois. There are two south terminals for the Route # 52 A South Kedzie run. The one at Keeler Avenue, is in the driveway of Marist High School, and is serviced Monday to Friday. The other terminal is located at west 115th Street and South Springfield Avenue in Chicago at the city limits.


lapstrake said...

I remember the old Saxon paint store. My neighbor used to work for a company that made paint for Saxon. It was Dreblin Paint located just off Lawndale and 48th, near the tracks and east of Curie High School.

Eddie said...

I applied for work at Dreeblin Paint a number of times during the 1980's and early 90's, and never got called for an interview or anything. I was unemployed for lenghty periods back then.

Things are much better for Me today.