Monday, December 03, 2007

An RTA EMD E-8 idling in the NorthWestern Station train shed. ( Gone.) April 1984.

I took this classic Chicago train station photograph in April of 1984. Chicago's 1911 built NorthWestern Station , was in it's final months of operation, and would be demolished over the course of the summer of 1984. This is an elderly EMD E-8 passenger service diesel locomotive from the early 1950's. This locmotive originally pulled Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad pre Amtrak passenger trains, and was now spending it's final working years in Chicago commuter train service. This image, is simular to many that were taken before the start of Amtrak operations in May of 1971, as passenger trains were rolling out their final miles in North America during the 1960's. This photo is almost a reanactment.

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