Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Southbound CTA Route #53A South Pulaski Road bus at West 111th Street. Chicago Illinois USA. December 1986.

Southbound CTA 1970's era GMC Fishbowl windshield bus at the intersection of West 111th Street and South Pulaski Road in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood. Chicago Illinois. December 1986.

I took this photo looking northwest at the intersection of South Pulaski Road and West 111th Street in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood near Oak Lawn Illinois.
A mid 1970's era Chicago Transit Authority GMC TDH series fishbowl windshield bus, is viewed waiting in the eastbound turning lane on to west 111th Street. The bus is at the end of it's southbound journey, and will soon arrive at the turn a round loop terminal at West 111th Street and South Springfield Avenue.

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