Monday, March 04, 2013

Leftover 1970's era "Retro Railroading" at Hayford Junction. ChicagoIllinois. May 1987.

I took this photograph dueing a May 1987 visit to Hayford Junction on the southwest side of Chicago.

An early CSX Transportation Company freight train with old unrepainted EMD locomotives wearing 1970's era color schemes from predecesor railroads C & O and Chessie System with an old Penn Central box car in the front of the consist, head east while a late 1970's era set of Union Pacific EMD model GP 15 light roadswitchers, are viewed shoving a cut of cars in to the nearby Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing Yard facility.

This was one last look at 1970's era Chicago railroading for me on this lucky visit.

Eddie K.

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