Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad switching activity. Sterling Illlinois USA. September 7th 1985.

I took this photo way back in September of 1985, in the city of Sterling Illinois. I was on a one day steam powered railfan excursion with a group from Chicago's 20th Century Railroad Club, and had a little time to go railfanning while waiting for the return train to Chicago to arrive in town after it was wyed and serviced.

Our trip utilized restored New York, Chicago & St.Louis Railroad - aka -Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 Berkshire Type steam locomotive # 765, wich is owned by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society of Fort Wayne Indiana. A coal burning monster sized mainline locomotive from the 1940's, and every bit a Lime Super Power engine.

While the steam locomotive got most of the attention, I felt that it was just as important to photograph this rebuilt EMD 1st Generation early 1950's vintage GP-7 Roadswitcher, employed by the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad. This locomotive is hard at work in 100 Degree Farenheight outside temperatures, working the freight yard and industries in downtown Sterling Illinois. I am so glad I did. The C&NW was absorbed by the Union Pacific through merger during the late 1990's. This locomotive may have been scrapped by now.

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