Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Digital Live Sound Video: Demolition of Washburne Trade School. Chicago Illinois. Late July 2009.

I photographed this now historic digital live sound video one hot Summer morning, back in late July of 2009.

I was passing through My old neighborhood on the near southwest side of Chicago, ( Little Village) when I seen My old neighborhood landmark and place of learning after I graduated high school, was being demolished.

Washburne Trade School, was located along the south side of West 31st Street, and spanned a few blocks west of South Kedzie Avenue, in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood.

After I graduated from Curie High School in 1981, I attended here for a couple of years, and had no luck what so ever finding work in any of the trades I had studied.

Washburne Trade School eventually closed, and sat abandoned for several years.

Today, this is the site of a large vacant lot with a chain link fence around it. ( Go figure.)

Eddie K.

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