Monday, November 28, 2011

Two flavors of Southern Pacific Railroad passenger train color schemes.

In recent times, I have become a fan of the former Southern Pacific Railroad passenger trains from pre Amtrak times.

The Southern Pacific, had utilized a small variety of color schemes on their passenger train cars. Colors ranging from dark Pulman green, to two tone gray, and the ever popular Daylight red, orange and black color scheme made for a colorful era of passenger train travel on America's west coast.

The car to the left, is wearing the famous S.P Daylight color scheme, while the car to the wearing the stylish two tone gray used on the Southern Pacific "Lark" passenger train.

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Anonymous said...

My mom's dad, Granddad Edward Wilson1883-1943 was a Southern Pacific steam engine passenger train engineer out of Oakland.Momsd,"Bub",let's go to the depot to see graddad bring in his train,circa 1938. We got to the embarcader where the engine would stop. Soon,0ntime,comes this huge steam engine,chug shhh, chug, shhhh expelling steam