Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dispensa's Kiddie Kingdom (Commercial, 1979)

I found this old late 1970's era local Chicago television commercial on You Tube this morning.

The greater Chicagoland area, once had many small amusement parks.

With fun establishments with names like Adventureland Amusement Park in Addison Illinois, Playland Park in southwest suburban Justice Illinois, Fairyland Amusement Park in west suburban Lyons Illinois, Kiddieland Amusement Park in Melrose Park Illinois, and eventually Mariott's Great America in Gurnee Illinois wich is now Six Flags Great park that has been overlooked, was the tiny Dispensa's Kiddie Kingdom in west suburban Oak Brook Terrace Illinois.

Dispensa's Kiddie Kingdom, was in business for a mere 9 years from 1975, until the property was sold to commercial business developement in 1984. The small amusement park, was a seasonal addition to the nearby Dispensa's Castle of Toys store. ( On the same property.)

I visited Dispensa's Kiddie kingdom only once, back in August of 1980 with My family.
This park, was actully more like a carnival in a big parking lot. There were no plants, picnic tables or landscpaped gardens to be found here, just portable carnival rides sitting on top of asphalt.

Dispensa's Kiddie Kingdom had a very memorable commercial television jingle, that occasionally plays in My head to this day.

Dispensa's Kiddie Kingdom, was definately one of Chicago's little forgotten amusement parks from the past.

Eddie K.

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